A Bit About Greg Mistell

Pre-ferments, poolish, lamination, autolyse are all an important part of our baking arsenal. Produce from friends I made when I was the manager of the Hollywood Farmers Market, flour that puts protein quality over quantity, and butter from cows that I could drive out to see if I had the time, all contribute to the quality of Fleur de Lis .

Our customers are our neighbors. We share our lives and families.

In the winter looking out the bakery windows every flake of snow that falls is hypnotic. In summer when the big parade passes outside our windows we are children again.

Baking isn't something I want to write about it's something I want to do. There are always baking memories to inspire, there are always baking smells to take you back to a time when life was simple. I once met Poilane and toured his cellar bakery in Paris. The heady aroma of baking , and the rustic simplicity of naturally leavened bread was unforgettable. A simple sablee offered as a gesture of hospitality redefined simplicity and flavor. I have spent my life baking. I have no regrets.

Greg Mistell