Special Orders

Panettone $20
From an old Italian formula, our version of this traditional Holiday bread is naturally leavened, rich with butter, raisins, lemon, and orange peel.  Serves 8+

Almond Stollen $20
A traditional German bread with a profound history, this version includes a rich filling of marzipan, currants, almonds and orange peel. Serves 10+

Cinnamon Rolls $9
Awaken your family to the sweet scent of fresh baked cinnamon rolls.  Our rolls can be heated in the oven for a  warm fresh start to a wonderful day. Serves 6

Cinnamon Babka $12
In a salute to my “Babcia” who made babka every Christmas; our Babka is a rich yeasted bread made with fresh butter and eggs then filled with a thick ribbon of cinnamon and topped with a buttery streusel.  Serves 6+

Buttermilk Dinner Rolls $6
If you’re looking for the perfect dinner rolls for holiday entertaining, look no further. Buttermilk dinner rolls are soft, buttery, light, and luscious. Package of 6

Cloverleaf Rolls $6
These old-fashioned soft dinner roll, made with eggs, honey, and butter are sure to be a hit at the big dinner. Package of 6

Croissants $11
Miniature flaky butter croissantsPackage of 6

Chocolate Croissants $15
Vahlrona Chocolate filled flaky butter croissantsPackage of 6

(all pies serve 7-8)

Chocolate Pecan $35
Coconut Cream $30
Marionberry Lattice Top $30**
Vahlrona Chocolate Cream $32
Apple $30**
2 Pre-rolled Frozen Pie Shells $6

*A $5 pie tin fee will be added to all pies and refunded upon return of tin*
** Available Baked or Un-baked**